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"Our Mission is to provide our customers with creative fireplace solutions and an elegant alternative to traditional gas log fireplaces. We specalize in and are dedicated to new innovations in the hearth and home industry.  Come join us and bring your fireplace and fire pit to life."


We are leaders in Fireplace Innovation and proud suppliers of Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass, Specalizing in the elegant transformation of fireplaces around the globe. What is Aquatic Glassel you might ask. Aquatic Glassel is an alternative to Gas Logs, Wood or Lava Rock in Fireplaces and Fire Pits of course. Aquatic Glassel consists of a heat treated tempered glass product that when broken incurs a phenomenon called dicing. Each of the pieces, uniform in size relative to the original plate thickness are then polished to remove the remaining sharp edges for safe handling. Aquatic Glassel is a direct replacement for gas logs in most fireplaces as well as an elegant choice to be used in Fire Pits as an alternative to the traditional lava rock. Aquatic Glassel will never melt, burn or discolor when used in a fireplace or fire pit, so the Beautiful Colors will always look as vibrant as the day they were installed!

We provide a wide array of Custom Fabricated Products from Contemporary Stainless Steel Trays for use with Aquatic Glassel in fireplaces to Elegant Fireplace Surrounds and Facia products to bring life to your existing firebox. Many of our products are custom fit for each of our customers’ fireplaces and many times built according to our customers Design Specifications. Please feel free to share your design requests, as we are eager to create products to suit an array of specific needs.

Unfortunately we have seen many companies come and go that sell inferior products and only offer a dozen choices in colors to the unsuspecting consumer. Please heed caution to the entities that sell recycled glass and glass media that is not polished to remove the sharp edges for safe handling. We only sell New glass products designed to withstand the intense heat generated from fire. Our customers are always provided with the option to use lava rock as a filler while others give you unfounded reasoning for not using this cost saving method. We pride ourselves as a Leader in the Fireplace Glass Industry, always providing an excellent product and friendly, responsive customer service.

The concept of an Intriguing fire in your fireplace or fire pit has always been a focal point in the home place of American culture. Fireplace Glass is an Elegant and Affordable alternative to wood or gas logs. Re-vitalize your environment with Aquatic Glassel in your own home or backyard. Please join us in the effort to transform fireplaces and fire pits across the nation with our simply elegant products. Virtually anyone can install our products themselves or have them installed by a professional. We have hundreds of styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. Please feel free to contact us...


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