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Aquatic Glassel installation is simple and easy for a handy individual to install this product in a vented fireplace or an outdoor Fire Pit. We encourage you to install the product yourself and save the cost of installation. Aquatic Glassel can be installed in nearly all natural gas fireplaces and fire pits with ease. Most fireplaces are plumbed for natural gas and range from the brick and mortar firebox in your typical single-family residence or the typical wall insert unit found in many condos. The minimum BTU requirement for our products is 40,000 BTU. Switch controlled and automatic fireplaces with thermal sensors require special attention to properly operate. For Propane installation see Advanced Install. Instructions for Fire Pit Installations click here. Fire and Gas is dangerous if you have any concern or question always contact a professional.

Installation Instructions
Installation requires about 30 minutes depending on your fireplace. First turn off the gas to your fireplace and have your valve key handy.

1. Clean your fireplace, a shop vacuum is a good way to get the last of the debris in your fireplace after scooping the majority of whatever you had in your fireplace, ashes, fake embers, Etc... If your home is new or your fireplace has never been used you can proceed to step three.

2. Select a color from our Fireplace Paint Color Chart that contrasts with your choice in Glass or compliments your décor. If your fireplace is well used you should think about having a chimney sweep clean your chimney to stop any wood burning soot buildup in the chimney from falling and contaminating your Fireplace Glass. Now if you decide to paint your fireplace, on the inside walls of your fireplace, wire brush any loose material off the sides and back wall then wipe clean with a damp rag until the surface is clean enough for the paint to permanently adhere to. Tape off any part of the fireplace that you do not want paint on and cover your mantle and hearth with masking paper. Now you can paint your fireplace in even light coats, first horizontally and then vertically, making sure to leave no light spots. Paint Specifications

3. Attach your burner to your gas outlet in your firebox. Position the burner under the vent flu in your fireplace gas jets facing up. Be careful not to unscrew the pipe out of the wall while removing the old burner or the cap if it is blocked off. Use two pipe wrenches in opposing directions to ensure the pipe remains securely screwed into the wall. Tighten all the fittings on the burner itself, screw one flex line adapter to the wall inlet and then the flex line adapter to the burner, attach the flex line to the flex line adapter on the burner and finally screw the flex line on the complete burner to the adapter on the wall inlet. All fittings on the flex line should be tight but do not strip the threads or damage the flex line.

4. If you are using the 3” method, pour a one-inch layer of glass and adjust your burner. If you are using our cost saving 2” method now you can pour your lava rock. Leave the front area bare while building the lava rock into a flat topped hump, try not to slope up the back wall because the fire will travel to the highest point and possibly scorch the back wall. Pull your burner to the top of the lava rock with the holes facing upward and test light the flame pattern to ensure it is centered in your firebox. Top off with a thin layer of sand to fill the voids in the lava rock and lightly dust off the top of the burner exposing the holes out of the sand. Be sure to keep the front area clear of lava and sand because you do not want the filler to show through the glass

5. Now you can pour your new glass into your fireplace and arrange it however you like. Some people buy one solid base color and leave it at that and others top theirs off with designs and sprinkles of their favorite topping colors. It’s as easy as that, now you have an elegant showpiece that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

The recommended burner for most fireplaces is the standard double burner with a flex line attachment. Your single burner in good condition, previously in your fireplace, can also be sufficient but you will see fewer flames spread throughout the fireplace. We stock Single, Double burners and all the necessary hardware to get you set up right.

3” Method
The 3” method refers to the thickness of glass required to do a 100% glass install and avoid using the lava rock in the 2” method, which is used as filler. 3” is the standard but you are welcome to build a larger hump in the center etc…

2” Method
The 2” method refers to the use of 2 inches of glass in your fireplace. These two inches completely cover a one-inch bed of lava rock that the burner sits on top of. With this method you do not pay for the glass you don’t see.

Lava Rock
Used in the 2” method as a filler, a two inch layer of glass completely covers a one inch layer of lava rock. The use of lava rock instead of glass saves you one third the cost of the glass and has no effect on the final appearance of your fireplace. We provide you with the choice to save money or go with 100% glass.

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